Fields of activity 


Real Estate Transactions

Issues ranging from the simple purchase of a home or second home, to the most complex real estate transactions, either for investment or business purposes, acquire more and more sensitive implications, especially if foreign subjects are involved. Seemingly banal transactions might bring about an increase in the risk of litigation, which, undoubtedly, has to be prevented.

Succession Law and Family Law

Both the family law and the succession law fields, besides being particularly sensitive in Italy, have acquired peculiar international implications with the spreading of couples of different nationalities and the ownership of real estate located outside one’s own country of habitual residence.

Condominium and Tenancy Law

This is a field that all too often is left to improvisation, while actually it involves deep issues, directly impacting the quality of daily life or even the possibility of carrying out one’s own work activities. Regulations that are not always in step with modern times and the difficulties in having one’s property available again at the end of the lease require an accurate, pre-emptive evaluation of the choices, and consequently of the deeds.


The need to prevent litigation leads to paying particular attention to the correct drafting of the contracts that regulate any relationship, even between private individuals. Thanks to over twenty years of experience, the law firm has acquired the capability for rapid operations, especially in the management of negotiations and the drafting of contracts, including in bilingual form, in particular as to the German language.

Criminal Law

Our law firm provides extra-judicial and judicial assistance as to criminal cases, by means of legal consultancy and assistance in court proceedings in favor of both natural and juridical persons. This applies to problems featuring international aspects, too, by means of the experience and specific competencies accrued by the professionals who specifically deal with criminal matters.

Establishment of a Business

Often, many entrepreneurs, especially when they plan to operate in a foreign country, are dazzled by apparently ideal scenarios, according to which doing business abroad is always easier and simpler, or in any case more advantageous. Actually, the problems and issues to be considered are extremely numerous, and they have to be analyzed well in advance.

Credit Recovery

The credit recovery activities, as well as the activities for obtaining compensation for damages from wrongdoing, acquire peculiar characteristics when it comes to initiating procedures abroad, or on the basis of credit titles obtained in different states, including any not included in the European Union. Our law firm is equipped to directly manage similar situations in Italy and Austria and, thanks to long-established relationships with other law firms, in Germany and in other areas of central Europe.

Real Estate Executions

The actual recovery of any credit often requires the foreclosure of the debtor’s real estate properties. With this in mind, our firm provides assistance and advice in all phases of the procedure.
The firm also offers its professional assistance to all those who intend to buy a property at auction, assisting the client from the participation in the sale with or without competitive bidding, up to the transfer of ownership, in addition to any consequential and related aspect.
Assistance is also provided to execution debtors, including through negotiations with the creditors and, if the conditions for this are met, through actions to oppose the execution and/or its enforcement.