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The law firm “del Torre & partners – studio legale associato” is located in the heart of Europe, having two branches in North-Eastern Italy, in the Friulian provinces of Udine and Gorizia, as well as a branch in Carinthia.

The law firm operates in particular (though not exclusively) in judicial and extrajudicial civil matters, carrying out its activities both at the national and the international level, especially on the Italian market and in the German-speaking countries.
The law firm offers legal consultancy in the Italian and German languages, and it can avail itself of a long-running international professional experience within both cultural environments.

The law firm “del Torre & partners – studio legale associato” can rely on a team of bilingual lawyers and collaborators, too.

Fields of activity

Real Estate Transactions

Issues ranging from the simple purchase of a home or second home, to the most complex real estate transactions…

Succession Law and Family Law

Both the family law and the succession law fields, besides being particularly sensitive in Italy, have acquired peculiar…

Condominium and Tenancy Law

This is a field that all too often is left to improvisation, while actually it involves deep issues, directly impacting the quality…


The need to prevent litigation leads to paying particular attention to the correct drafting of the contracts that regulate…

Criminal Law

Our law firm provides extra-judicial and judicial assistance as to criminal cases, by means of legal consultancy…


Establishment of a Business

Often, many entrepreneurs, especially when they plan to operate in a foreign country, are dazzled by apparently…

Credit Recovery

The credit recovery activities, as well as the activities for obtaining compensation for damages from wrongdoing…

Real Estate Executions

The actual recovery of any credit often requires the foreclosure of the debtor’s real estate properties. With this in mind…


The law firm “del Torre & partners – studio legale associato” is in contact and collaborates with


Bilingual tax consultants, having offices in Austria and Italy, thus guaranteeing an efficient transnational assistance to our clients;



Notaries in Italy and Austria;



Law firms in Italy, Austria and Germany, thus guaranteeing the protection and furtherance of the interests of our clients throughout Mitteleuropa.


The law firm “del Torre & partners – studio legale associato” is a participating member of


Eurolink, a network made up by professionals and collaborators having experience in the legal, accounting, company management and tax fields, with the task of guiding Italian companies through the internationalization process and to assist them in all the aspects related to the incorporation and management of their business activities abroad;


DAC- DeutscheAnwaltsCooperation, an international network of German-speaking lawyers;



DACH- Europäische Anwaltsvereinigung, a European lawyers’ association.


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