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The EU Regulation 650/2012 offers the possibility to choose "Successions Law"

The new Regulation 650/2012 offers the possibility to choose the law of one of the states whose nationality one possesses. This option is set out in a declaration in the form of a "disposition of property upon death".

The European Certificate of Succession

The New European succession regulations, known as Brussels IV, will provide a European Certificate of Succession, which will allow beneficiaries to prove that they are heirs or administrators, without further formalities throughout the EU as well as allowing personal representatives the authority to act across borders.

Be aware of the EU Succession Regulation 2012

The EU Succession Regulation of 2012 is applicable to all cases of death on or after August 17, 2015. Under this regulation the law of the deceased's habitual residence at the time of death (law of the domicile) is decisive. This  EU Regulation  is not (and will not become) valid in the two common law states Great Britain and Ireland, on the one hand, and in Denmark, on the other but is important for all persons who (might) have their - future - last domicile in an EU member state, other than those mentioned not having ratified the EU Succession regulation. Expatriates  who are planning on working and staying for a longer period in a EU member state should be aware of the EU Succession Regulation's new concept.